Sandwell MBC along with the Football Foundation are piloting a boroughwide investment grant for the upgrade (or possible new build) of play zone areas (also known as MUGA’s – Multi Use Games Areas).  


The steps are:


  1. Identify potential current Play Zone Area upgrades
  2. Identify potential new sites
  3. Identify a potential nearby community partner to oversee the Play Zone Area
  4. Potential sites across Sandwell will then be considered as to which are the ones to go forward with further consultation
  5. Carry out a Play Zone Area user, non-user and partner consultation to determine the way forward – the consultation is expected to be completed by end of January 2023.


Once the site(s) have been identified and the consultation has taken place to identify the focus sports area for the upgrade or new installation, plans will then be drawn up for the project.


The initial work is to identify the potential sites for each town. Within Wednesbury, the Parks department have identified existing Play Zone Areas in council owned parks which could be developed these are; 1) Friar Park Open Space; 2)Brunswick Park; 3) Norman Deeley PF. We would also welcome any suggestions for areas in Wednesbury which may benefit with an upgrade or a new Play Zone Area.


W would really appreciate your contribution, suggestions and input to ensure that all interested parties have the chance to give their views.

The online survey can be completed here

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